Bull & Dog is the new home for professional audio recording and production in downtown Champaign, Illinois. Our space, formerly the iconic Pogo Studio, has been modernized to enhance workflow, comfort and flexibility while retaining the cherished vibe from transistors and tubes. Our team has conceptualized this studio with the goal of welcoming all musicians and projects; creating an environment where experience, technology and world-class equipment are seamlessly integrated. We label ourselves a collective, a term we don’t use lightly… collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and we want to throw everything our team has to offer at helping your goals become a reality. Quite simply, we just want to make great records non-stop.


  • Incredible computing firepower with the newest Apple Mac Pro and hardware-accelerated Pro Tools HDX system.

  • Unrivaled monitoring with the Barefoot MicroMain27 monitor speakers...seriously, unrivaled.

  • The newest headphone mix technology with the Hear Back monitor system, enabling musicians to adjust his or her own headphone mix and volume, while listening through our favorite Beyerdynamic headphones.

  • The ability to mix through the Shadow Hills Equinox summing matrix to give analog, non-linear flavor to Pro Tools mixes. Select between three output transformers to effectively get the sound of three classic mixing consoles.

  • Our MIDI-capable Yamaha grand piano allows us to record audio and MIDI simultaneously, or send MIDI tracks in Pro Tools to the piano.

  • Comfortable and effective studio space featuring a spacious control room, gorgeous live room, multipurpose loft, and three isolation areas.